Grading Policy

The club will arrange grading sessions for relevant playing groups in advance of the season commencement.

Our grading policy aims to provide an honest and unbiased appraisal of player ability, which enables suitable team placement.

Grading is usually (numbers dependent) done by running actual games and gives players a chance to showcase their talents to unbiased observers.

The QPFC Policy comes into effect within all tiers (excluding Fundamentals) but its usage and application varies as follows:

Social and Social Plus

Preceding each new season any unallocated player (new or existing) is graded into teams in different divisions based on ability level.

What does unallocated mean?

This refers to a player who has joined the club as an individual not as part of any existing or new social team.

It can also apply to a player who has previously played for another team but who wishes to change team/move to a higher grade etc

Grading will occur across the age groups but due to the ‘social’ nature of the once allocated players are not required to go through grading every year.

Coaches of existing teams will be advised of the availability/grading of new or unallocated players to bolster their squads


New teams will be formed

QPFC Development Program

All players will be selected by a trial process, which is run by the Head Coach, Grading Committee and selected volunteer coaches.

The grading process will be run each year – a player selected for the QPDP in one year must try out in following years.

This format allows QPFC to maintain the integrity of the program.

There will be between 1 and 2 squads per age group.